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Back in my hometown, we have an amazing cuisine that everybody must try, I’m sure!!
I will try to share different recipes from my country every month with you, so you’ll be able to try at home and share the result with me.
Today, I want to share with you an amazing taste of bread which goes very well with feta cheese and black tea!!! Also, you can try it with butter and honey, if you don’t like cheese. It is a fantastic ginger taste.

Ingredients: (5-6 servings)
For dough:
• Flour 2 cups
• Milk ¼ cup
• Yogurt ½ cup
• Butter 2 tablespoons or 30 gr
• Vegetable oil 4 tablespoons
• Powdered sugar 2 teaspoons
• Salt ½ teaspoon
• Yeast 1 tablespoon
• Ground ginger ¼ teaspoon
• Egg 1

For filling:
• Flour ½ cup
• Butter 70 gr
• Ground ginger 1 teaspoon
• Turmeric 1 teaspoon

For the egg wash:
• Egg yolk 1
• Milk 1 tablespoon
• Sesame seeds (as you wish)

1. Whisk the egg and take apart half of it.
2. Heat the milk a little (about 40 degrees or you can put it in the micro oven for about 30 seconds)
3. Add the sugar and solve it
4. Add the yeast and put it aside for about 10 minutes (don’t mix it after adding the yeast and don’t move the bowl)
5. In between, in a micro oven safe bowl or heat resistant pan melt the butter
6. Mix the yogurt, melted butter, salt, ginger and vegetable oil all together
7. Add the half egg (which you prepped at the beginning)
8. Add the yeast mixture
9. With the help of hand mixer or spatula, whisk all ingredients together
10. Add flour gradually (sift the flour before) and mix slowly
11. The dough will be very soft but not sticky
12. Oil spray one bowl and put the dough in, cover and rest for one hour in room temperature
while your dough is resting, you can prepare the filling:
1. In the small pan fry the flour till you smell the odor of flour (stir it with a spoon occasionally to avoid burning)
2. Add ginger and turmeric and stir till you smell the strong odor of ginger
3. Add the butter and stir till butter starts melting
4. Finally, add the other half of the egg and stir to make a smooth mixture
5. Put it aside to cool down completely

Make your bread: (for me this is the fun part….. playing with dough)
1. Set your oven to 350˚F
2. Uncover your dough and divide it into 5-6 balls and cover them again.
3. Take one ball at a time, you can roll it with roller also but really you don’t need it. Simply open it inside your palm and put one tablespoon of the filling materials in the middle of the dough, bring the sides to the middle and make a ball again. (cover all filling inside the dough)
4. Place it on the baking sheet and press a little bit with the help of your palm
5. Repeat the same thing for all your balls
6. Prepare the egg wash by mixing the milk and egg yolk and brush the bread
7. Add some sesame on it
8. Put the baking sheet in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes or till reach the golden surface.

Post Author: Negar Dianat